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Why You Should Be Bullish On Cannabis In 2021

Hosted by
Howard Lindzon
Published on
October 26, 2020
Chief Investment Officer and founding partner of CB1 Capital Todd Harrison joins Social Leverage's Howard Lindzon to talk all things weed — the future of this industry, the legislation and politicization around it, how to invest in it and more. Another one of the areas of discussion Howard and Todd touch on this episode is how the election will impact this industry, something of keen importance considering how quickly the election is approaching.

In this episode, Todd gives a fresh perspective on the weed industry, explaining why he is optimistic and how his company is looking to leverage it via medicine and health.

CB1 Capital focuses on investment opportunities that meet at the crossroads of health, wellness and cannabinoid-based products in order to tackle unmet medical conditions. By using the right cannabinoids in the right ways, CB1 Capital hopes to reach groundbreaking medical achievements that are “not only plausible—but probable.”
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