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What to Expect from Apple, Facebook and Tesla Earnings Reports This Week

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Published on
January 27, 2021
This week is the first “big” week of earnings season for Q4 2020. Some of the most influential companies in the U.S. are reporting earnings this week. The week started off with strong earnings in companies like $MSFT and $AMD, which both beat Wall Street analyst estimates. However, Wednesday will arguably be an even bigger day when tech heavyweights Apple, Facebook, and Tesla report earnings for the last quarter of the year

$AAPL is anticipated to report their first “$100 billion revenue” quarter tomorrow. They will be one of just a handful of companies to ever exceed this mind boggling number in revenue. $AAPL is up 10.6% so far in 2021.

$FB has been lost in a crossfire of rhetoric around the power of social media companies after they joined other social giants in deciding to ban Donald Trump and other conservative personalities from their platform. Facebook has faced boycotts and pushback throughout 2021 because of perceived censorship, mistreatment of political discourse, and an ad boycott early in the year. $FB is up 4.7% so far in 2021.

$TSLA might be the least mysterious of these three big earnings calls. Elon Musk reported that Tesla nearly beat their FY 2020 estimate for deliveries, leaving little to the imagination for what a possible earnings call could look like. However, whether investors will accept Musk’s latest offering is untold. $TSLA has gone on a 21% run so far in 2021.
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