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What Roaring Kitty REALLY Wanted to Say At the Robinhood Testimony | Money Drama

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Bullish Studio
Published on
February 20, 2021
Welcome back to “Money Drama,” where our host Stock Will guides you through all the ups and downs, twists and turns of last week’s markets.

In a fresh episode, Stock Will imagines what Keith Gill — aka DeepFuckingValue, aka "Roaring Kitty" — REALLY, like actually, wanted to tell Congress during his virtual testimony hearing on Thursday.

Think of Stock Will as the "anger translator" here. The politicians in Washington asked Roaring Kitty a lot of really dumb questions, and our host offers a glimpse of how things might have played out if pleasantries and politeness were thrown by the wayside.

For example, here's what Keith Gill said at one point:
"I do not provide personalized investment advice for fees or commissions. I'm just an individual who's investment in GameStop and posts on social media were based upon my own research and analysis."

Here's Will's take:
"Again, I called the shit! Have you old ass people heard of the internet???"

If everyone had a translator like Stock Will, the world might be a more honest place. #FREEKITTY

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