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Unboxing a $1000+ NFT From NBA Top Shot | Money Drama

Hosted by
Bullish Studio
Published on
March 18, 2021
Welcome back to “Money Drama,” where our host Stock Will guides you through all the ups and downs, twists and turns, of last week’s markets.

In a fresh episode, Stock Will does a live “unboxing” of some fresh NFTs he bought from NBA Top Shot. The platform allows users like Stock Will (and you!) to acquire distinct NBA highlights — featuring MVP and rookie ballers alike — in the form of unique (non-fungible) assets.

The digital NBA moments Will copped can be sold for thousands on the marketplace. Did our host make some savvy purchases, or did he just waste his stimmy check on some crypto BS???

Further, what do you think Stock Will should do next? Should he sell his fresh NFT? Or should he hold it and let the asset appreciate in value over time?

Check out Stock Will's previous video on NFTs over at Bullish:

For more information on NBA Top Shot, check out the official website here:

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