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July 7, 2023
In this casual video, Taylor Lorenz joins the hosts of "This Week in Money," Brian and Mark, for a lively discussion. Taylor talks about her frustration with getting her Instagram accounts banned for seemingly harmless content that violated community guidelines. They also chat about Taylor's recent trip to the Cannes Film Festival and the viral moments captured on TikTok.

The hosts cover various topics, including the debt ceiling deal, Ron DeSantis announcing his presidential bid on Twitter, NVIDIA's stock surge, TikTok's efforts to become an entertainment destination, and resurfaced photos of the Island Boys with Jeffrey Epstein.

They briefly touch on Philip Morris International's shift towards nicotine alternatives. Finally, they discuss Taylor Lorenz's book, "Extremely Online," which explores the rise of the online creator industry and the user-driven side of social media platforms.

The video ends with a friendly reminder to pre-order Taylor Lorenz's book and an invitation to subscribe to Bullish Studio's YouTube channel for more episodes of "This Week in Money" with Brian and Mark.
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