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Top 1% of OnlyFans & PornHub: Vanessa Sky on Sex Work and Hustling

Hosted by
Cash Only
Published on
January 15, 2021
Welcome to episode three of CASH ONLY, a show that explores the bleeding edge of drugs, sex, crime, and money. Today’s xxxtra special guest is the one and only Vanessa Sky — adult performer, OnlyFans VIP, podcaster, and a longtime homie of our hosts.

Vanessa has been a sex worker for over six years, starting with both sugar baby work and porn shoots. “I remember being 17 and counting down the days until my 18th birthday,” she says with a laugh. Since her salad days, Vanessa has starred in hundreds of adult films, racked up millions upon millions of views on the various tube sites, and is typically in the top 2% of all OnlyFans creators — at least when she feels like regularly using the platform. Hilarious, articulate, and devilishly charming, Vanessa also produces her own podcast called “The Lucky Slut,” which is about to go back into production.

Vanessa details her adult career trajectory without mincing words. On top of breaking down the various types of sex work, she explains which forms are the most lucrative and which are the most exploitative. From there, we dovetail into the complications of porn production during a pandemic (no more gangbangs….) and highlight what it takes to be successful on OnlyFans.

Not only does Vanessa show us her “OnlyFans binder” — a physical calendar that keeps track of her content creation and customer requests — she also shares stories about some of her stans’ stranger video requests and offers her own definition of a “simp.” We even talk about how sex workers are taxed, and the clever ways people can legally game the system and reduce Uncle Sam’s cut.

For more on Vanessa Sky, visit her website and follow her on OnlyFans.
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