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The Story Behind #Ravehorse The Viral Dressage Routine At The Tokyo Olympics

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March 16, 2023
The Story Behind #Ravehorse : The Viral Dressage Routine at the Tokyo Olympics

Watch our interview with the production team behind Steffen Peter's and Suppenkasper's silver medal winning Dressage ride to dance beats, and find out how Suppenkasper (Mopsie) became known as "the horse at the club."

Welcome to Tokyo Takeaways on StreamHorseTV! In this series StreamHorseTV will be talking Tokyo Equestrian with the lovely and knowledgeable Catie Staszak, international Show Jumping commentator, multimedia sports journalist, and CEO of Catie Staszak Media. We will provide discussion, insight and commentary around all the action happening on the ground during the Tokyo Olympic Equestrian Competitions.

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