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The Biggest SPAC Player You've Never Heard Of | Investing for Profit and Joy

Hosted by
Howard Lindzon
Published on
February 11, 2021
Roger Fradin sits down with Social Leverage’s Howard Lindzon for this week’s episode of "Investing for Profit and Joy."

Roger is the chairman and CEO and Juniper Industrial Holdings, a special acquisition company, or SPAC for short. They focus on companies within the industrials sector, including aerospace, construction, industrial technology, and more. This sector is full of acquisition opportunities, due in part to cash-flow dynamics and meaningful barriers to entry. Last year, Juniper raised $345 million in its IPO.

Fradin has had his skin in the game for a while, heading 6 different companies and garnering over 40 years of experience acquiring, building, and leading a diverse set of industrial businesses. In this interview, Roger and Howard discuss SPACs, surviving (and thriving) in the corporate world, why Fradin doesn’t get Elon Musk, raising capital, macro-trends to keep an eye on, and much more.
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