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"Shark Tank" Casting Director Dishes on How to Prepare the Perfect Pitch | The Confident Investor

Hosted by
Lisa Carmen Wang
Published on
February 12, 2021
Investing in startups and raising capital is no longer reserved just for the rich and connected Americans. In this episode of "The Confident Investor," host Lisa Carmen Wang chats with Brandon Andrews, Sr. Consultant at Values Partnerships and Advisory Board Member at Angels & Entrepreneurs. Andrew is also responsible for vetting entrepreneurs for the popular show "Shark Tank," so he knows exactly how to prepare the perfect pitch. In this episode, Andrews shares tips for founders pitching their company to investors to secure the deal they want when stepping into the room with the sharks. He also discusses how there’s never been more accessibility to capital for underrepresented groups and why this is vital for accelerating the economy and shrinking the wealth gap.
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