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December 20, 2022
Retired by age 37, Steve Adcock is the definition of "Been there, done that!" – and has the secret to how you can have early retirement too!

On today’s pod episode, I welcome Steve Adcock, better known as @steveonspeed on Twitter. Steve’s not only verified on Twitter with over 120K followers, but he achieved financial independence at age of 35, lives off the grid, and uses his free time to educate the FinTwit community. He built a 14 year long career in Information Technology, specifically in the Defense sector. He was making loads of cash, but at the expense of the industry draining his soul. One morning about 7 years into his career, Steve came to a crossroads. He evaluated his life: He had a high-paying job, the perfect house in the suburbs, and nice cars and motorcycles. On paper, he was the happiest and most successful guy – but the reality was he wasn’t happy or excited about the future of his career. Steve said he had hit an “early career crisis.”

There he began developing his future goals, researching financial independence, revaluing his expenses, investing in index funds, saving more money, and actually starting to do things he enjoyed. In this episode, Steve walks me through his early retirement journey, how to develop his mindset and lifestyle to achieve financial freedom at an early age, what to do when you have high income - low satisfaction, and other crucial life investments that shape your future.




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