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Rap, Smoke, Litigate: Our Show's Weed Lawyer Tells All | CASH ONLY

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Cash Only
Published on
February 12, 2021
Welcome back to “CASH ONLY,” a show about the second economy where we explore the bleeding edge of drugs, sex, weed, crime, and culture.

In episode four, our hosts Zach and Jordan bring on the show’s “official” legal counsel, Thomas Leon, Esq. — also known as “Tommy 2 Stix,” due to the crutches he uses as a result of having MS.

Tommy is a budding cult figure within the legal cannabis space, and a partner at O&L Law, which focuses on legal matters pertaining to weed and weed business.

Here, Tommy details his nuanced entry into the smoke scene, which started after he got brought on stage to rap at an Action Bronson show. He then went from spitting bars to passing the bar, and now represents a wide range of legal clients throughout California.

On “Cash Only,” Tommy clarifies the difference between cannabis copyrights and trademarks (a distinction we fucked up in the pilot), talks about the implications of Jay-Z’s new cannabis SPAC, and discusses what Oklahoma’s marijuana licensing boom means for the rest of the industry.

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