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How StockX Co-founder Josh Luber Turned His Childhood Love of Sneakers into a Billion-Dollar Company

Hosted by
Howard Lindzon
Published on
October 27, 2020
StockX co-founder Josh Luber joins Social Leverage’s Howard Lindzon for another episode of Investing for Profit and Joy. You could not find a better spokesperson than Josh when it comes to the ethos for this show. Josh has been collecting sneakers since he was 8 years old; it was the only thing he cared about. Now, he has turned his love for sneakers and a fun hobby into a billion-dollar business (and he’s got the sneaker wall to prove it).

StockX is the first of its kind. But, it’s founded on a not-so-new concept — the stock market. Josh co-founded the Detroit-based company in 2016. StockX is a stock market for everything from sneakers to streetwear to collectables where customers participate in a live ‘bid/ask’ marketplace. Profits happen in seconds.

Josh has an incredible product, company and story -- all of which Howard dives into on this episode. In this episode of Investing for Profit and Joy, Howard and Josh talk about the resale business, the regrowth of the collectables market, investing in everything from sneakers to Pokémon cards, how he built his company from just a side project during his time at IBM, his tips for success and more.
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