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Biotech, Pharma and International Payment Platforms Make End-of-the-Week Gains - Bullish Rippers

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Bullish Studio
Published on
November 14, 2020
MoneyGram International, which was featured on Tuesday, is back near the top of our Rippers list — up 18%. $MGI is an international payment platform in the midst of a transformation to move the business to a digital-first emphasis. It is joined by CRISPR company Intellia Therapeutics which jumped 11%. $NTLA is one of a few CRISPR stocks we highlighted on Rippers back in September, and we’ve written a longer feature about CRISPR stocks to keep an eye on.

This week, stocks got a boost as news of positive vaccine trials came out Monday morning. As we mentioned Tuesday, some of the biggest gainers were companies from sectors trampled from the side effects of COVID-19. However, some of the biggest gainers were also just the biotechs and pharmas making the vaccine and COVID-19 treatments possible. Shares of $PFE rose on Monday and then fell throughout the week; $MRNA and $SRNE rose throughout the week. Meanwhile, other vaccine makers remained stagnant.
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