What Did Erika Jayne Do?

January 11, 2023
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Jayne, has had a tumultuous past in her personal and professional life. In 2000, she married attorney Thomas Girardi, the founding partner of Girardi & Keese (you know the firm that worked on an infamous case the was the inspiration for "Erin Brockovich"). They announced their separation in November 2020 and filed for divorce, however, in the months following the divorce announcement, the couple found themselves at the center of a lawsuit for embezzling funds meant for families of victims of the Lion Air plane crash. Allegations also arose that the divorce could be a cover-up to hide assets. Furthermore, a Chicago-based law firm sought to recover $2 million in missing money and Erika's online sales of designer clothing were also halted. On August 31st, Erika score a legal win on a $5 million fraud lawsuit court finding no evidence of 'wrong doing' on the matter.
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