Retraining Goals with Laura & Whitmore Part 4 - presented by Retired Racehorse Project

June 15, 2023
"Retraining Goals" spotlights retired racehorses in second careers. In this recurring segment, we follow a different horse and rider combination in-training each month, gaining insight on their challenges + triumphs from meltdowns to ribbons along the way! This segment is presented by The Retired Racehorse Project.

It’s finally time for the Makeover! After months of training and obstacles, Laura and Whitmore get ready to tackle the Competitive Trail on their big day. Laura’s feeling confident about the trail course, but with their cramming, can they bring in a win for this retired racehorse? Will the two of them pull through and show off everything new that Whitmore’s learned?

Find out how things turn out for Whitmore and Laura, and what new opportunities lay in store for the future.

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To watch and read more about Whitmore’s beginnings and making of his championship career:…

Whitmore did much of his obstacle course training at Hinkle Equestrian:

More about Hinkle Equestrian:

"Welcome to Hinkle Equestrian Obstacle Park where you can build trust and confidence with your horse while having FUN. We offer many different types of Obstacles ( Desensitizing, Cow-Boy, Mountain Trail and Arena) along with varying levels of difficulty, so no matter if you are just starting a new adventure or wanting to advance or improve on prior skills, we have something for everyone, and are building more as we grow so check back often to see what has been added.

We have added Team Obstacles and have a neat arena pattern as well. Have you ever wanted to play football on horseback? You can now toss the winning goal!
We still offer high level sensory obstacles on request. We have an air dancer, smoke bombs as well as other obstacles we use with our county horse patrol unit."
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