Olympian Show Jumper Anne Kursinski Shares Her Story “To Save The Children”

March 22, 2023
She recounts her story of abuse, what made her speak out, and how the horses were "her savior."
Equestrians across the US are cheering on Team USA in the Tokyo Olympics. We watch in a new world; a lot has changed in the world of sports since the London Olympics in 2012. The US Gymnastics world imploded with sexual assault allegations, amidst the #metoo movement.

In the midst of it all, the equestrian world saw its own share of trainers falling from grace when riders began to come forward, sharing their own harrowing stories of assault.

Trainers like Jimmy Williams who seemed untouchable, who shaped the world of show jumping in the United States as we know it, have had their names removed from the record books as if they never existed.

Anne Kursinski, five-time Olympian and two-time silver Olympic medalist in Show Jumping was instrumental in uncovering the truth about Williams, and she shared her story on StreamHorseTV’s Trailblazing Horsewomen.
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