Congress Bans TikTok, SBF Is In His Y2K Era & We're Smelling Salts Amid the Adderall Shortage

Bullish Studio
March 10, 2023
In this weeks episode, of This Week In Money, Bullish CEO Brian Hanly, NYC Comedienne Serena Shahidi, and Equity Animal CEO Mark Moran sit down to snort some smelling salts, discuss Mark's dating life, and give our thoughts on the latest headlines from this week:

00:00- Intro
01:20 - New York TikToker Challenges Herself To Go On 28 Dates In 28 Days
02:08 - Kalshi Wants You To Trade On the Outcome of Real World Events
03:20 - JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Says “We Love Florida”
03:55 - The Justice Department Is Letting SBF Use a Flip Phone
04:45 - Another Train Derails In Ohio
05:43 - The DOJ Is Trying To Block the JetBlue-Spirit Merger
07:08 - Snapchat’s Stock Surges As Congress Pushes For TikTok Ban
09:06 - Outro
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