Chamath's Outlook & The Next Generation Squawk Box Cramer's Mad Money

Howard Lindzon
April 2, 2021
Social Capital founder and CEO Chamath Palihapitiya and Social Leverage's Howard Lindzon break down life after COVID-19, eToro, the value of social communities, the next generation's "Mad Money" and why banks are screwed.

You can watch the full episode here:

Chamath is not only the founder and CEO of Social Capital, he's also owner of the Golden State Warriors. Chamath's company Social Capital is a Palo Alto-based venture capital firm that partners with philanthropists, technologists and capitalists to create value and change on a global scale. Before starting his fund, Chamath spent four years at Facebook as their VP of User Growth, Mobile & International.

Chamath sat down with Social Leverage’s Howard Lindzon for this week’s episode of "Investing for Profit and Joy."
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