Can GameStop's Stock Go Back to $300?! | Money Drama

Bullish Studio
March 27, 2021
Welcome back to “Money Drama,” where our host Stock Will guides you through all the ups and downs, twists and turns, of last week’s markets.

In a fresh episode, Stock Will talks about how GameStop shares fell by a whopping 33% earlier this week, after the company decided to blow up its current business model (brick-and-mortar sales) and pivot to e-commerce.

In Stock Will’s opinion, the switch to an e-commerce biz is likely a result of the company seeing a 175% jump in digital sales last quarter. Plus, the company now has the former CEO of Chewy (a full e-commerce business) on its board of directors, which might have sparked additional pressure to make the jump to e-commerce.

What do you think about GameStop’s new business model, and will it help the brand? Will we even miss the physical stores? And more importantly, how will the future of $GME stock be affected by this move? We have some ideas....

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