A Manhattan DA Candidate's Plan to Fight Police Misconduct | Bullish Podcast

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February 20, 2021
Eliza Orlins is running to unseat Cy Vance Jr. as District Attorney in Manhattan, one of the most concentrated areas of wealth and power in the United States. In this clip from Orlins' Bullish Podcast interview, the public defender tackles one of the most crucial issues of the election taking place this summer: Police misconduct and how to combat it.

Orlins discusses some of the experiences that have informed her decision not to accept any money from law enforcement, including witnessing evidence of violence inflicted on her clients by the police. She also discusses the barriers to reform posed by behind-the-scenes political coercion from police unions, as well as departments' collusion with right-wing militias and even foreign governments.

Watch the full interview here:

Connect with Eliza Orlins:
Official Website: https://elizaorlins.com/​
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eorlins/​
Twitter: https://twitter.com/elizaorlins​

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