The 15 Must Listen Finance & Business Podcasts

The 15 Must Listen Finance & Business Podcasts

We're guessing that if you hear “Jingle Bells” one more time while shopping, you’re going to lose your sh*t. It’s been inevitable. Since the moment the trick-or-treaters went home, holiday songs have played on repeat everywhere you go. 

To avoid the holiday spirit being the leading cause of your mental breakdown, switch up what you’re listening to while shopping, wrapping gifts, or running errands. Podcasts are the perfect distraction to drown out the background noise, while also sharing stories that are entertaining and educational. 🎧 

Especially for bland topics that become a snooze-fest to read in articles and headlines – podcasts bring energy and insights to their episodes. 

Need suggestions on what to listen to?

Trade Secrets rounded up our top, go-to finance and business podcasts to help drown out the holiday noise and maybe even help you feel like you're making money while you're spending it on your holiday shopping 🛍

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Finance-Focused Podcasts 💸

1. The WOLF Podcast

Popular FinTwit personality and host Gav Blaxberg invites a slew of finance and stock market enthusiasts to chat about social media, investing, growing your portfolio wealth, while helping listeners learn finance.

2. Panic with Friends

Listen to Howard Lindzon, co-founder of Stocktwits and a seed investor in Robinhood and EToro, interview great entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, traders, and friends about their companies, their track records, and their new fave ideas and trends.

3. Planet Money

Wanna see a trick? Give Planet Money any topic and we can tie it back to the economy. Planet Money explores the forces that shape our lives and brings you along for the ride. Don't just understand the economy – understand the world.

4. The Family Office 

Barstool Finance's official podcast. The hosts discuss the biggest business & market's stories of the week... while also pooling their own money to start their own fund and invest it for your entertainment.

Click below to listen to the episode with our pal Mark Moran!

5. The Money with Katie Show

Finance bros are out, #RichGirls are in. Join Money with Katie and her guests as they talk about spending habits, smart investing, and tax strategies – without putting you to sleep. 

6. The Trillionaire Mindset

Hosted by Ben Cahn and Emil DeRosa — a licensed Wall Street trader and his skeptical best friend — The Trillionaire Mindset highlights the funnier side of the business, political, and financial world and dive deep into the hilarious underbelly of our economy. 

7. Diversifying

Does it feel like the financial system is stacked against you? For many of us, it is. Hosted by Delyanne Barros, Diversifying explores why the traditional rules of money management no longer apply to new generations and humanizes money by examining the culture we make it in and how to make it work for you.

8. All the Hacks

Learn all the hacks to optimize and upgrade every aspect of your life while spending less and saving more. Chris is a life hacker who has saved millions by breaking down every aspect of life, looking to maximize happiness at the lowest cost.

Business and Culture Focused Podcasts 💼

9. How I Built This

Guy Raz interviews the world’s best-known entrepreneurs to learn how they built their iconic brands.

10. Masters of Business

Bloomberg Radio host columnist Barry Ritholtz looks at the people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business.

11. Corporate Quitter

Corporate Quitter is a podcast about ditching the 9-5. Host Gabby Ianniello interviews a variety of people, from entrepreneurs to side-hustlers, who share their stories about leaving corporate and provide listeners with actionable steps to help them work towards, and achieve, their own goals.

12. Let Me Ruin Your Life

Hosted by NYC-based influencer and comedienne Serena Shahidi, Let Me Ruin Your Life offers advice to her young-and-hopefully-not-too-impressionable TikTok-accumulated audience. Whether the topic at hand is related to lifestyle, dating, or fashion, Serena’s occasionally glamorous and always chaotic life will guide your way toward living the dream, or at least tricking the internet into thinking you are. 

13. The Pursuit of Learning

Host Clint Murphy talks to authors and subject matter experts across a variety of domains: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. The premise is that each person we meet knows things we don't and its those nuggets of wisdom that help each of us grow.

14. The Best One Yet

Feel brighter every day with this 20-minute pop-biz podcast. The 3 business news stories you need, with fresh takes you can pretend you came up with — Pairs perfectly with your morning oatmeal ritual. Hosted by Jack Crivici-Kramer & Nick Martell.

15. The Diary of a CEO

Every week, Diary of a CEO shares insights from guests of different backgrounds, experiences and learnings. It's a look behind the scenes of being an entrepreneur. This is not scripted, so the host just sees where the conversation takes them. 

Now you have hours upon hours of episodes to listen to while running last-minute holiday errands without Mariah Carey making you go crazy or leave empty-handed to save your ears. 

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