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Bullish Studio Partners with Mark Moran to Launch Equity Animal

Mark Moran
Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Today, we are excited to launch Equity Animal

Equity Animal helps public and private companies reach both institutional and retail investors using the next generation of tools and communications. Incubated by Bullish Studio and Litquidity, while being led by CEO Mark Moran, Equity Animal serves to offer clients a modern and innovative approach to corporate storytelling.

(From left to right) Brian Hanly and Mark Moran
(From left to right) Brian Hanly and Mark Moran

For decades, IR has used the same formats to communicate with shareholders. From low quality 1-800 Numbers to webinar software from the 2000s, IR is due for an upgrade. Together with Bullish Studio, our creator and media distribution network reaches over 35 million investors each month. This large network of both institutional and retail investors allows us to keep our finger on the pulse, offering clients unique first-hand access to social and investing trends.

Through Mark's background in investment banking and media, he has had a unique perspective on an industry ripe for disruption. As Head of Growth, Mark expanded the Exec Sum newsletter while helping increase meal stipends across Wall Street thanks to the help of Lydia Moynihan and the New York Post. While at Litquidity, Mark noticed the disconnect between new investors and the access to the executives behind companies with unique businesses at stories to tell. At the same time, Mark met @RicksCEO, CEO of @RCIHHinc and hosted the first ever Twitter Spaces earnings call for $RICK in Q2 2022.

It was the first-ever earnings call live on Twitter Spaces - and had the highest attendance rate and length of any previous earrings call, 100 on average! And this was just Mark's launch pad into IR! Equity Animal is excited to continue our partnership with RCI, hosting their Q3 Earnings next Tuesday, August 9.  

Equity Animal's mission is to democratize access to Wall Street’s most interesting companies and their executives by creating a megaphone to communicate directly with investors. In doing so, we’ll advocate aggressively, push the boundaries politely, and effect change across public and private markets. It may sound wild, but in a head nod to our mascot, we got that dog in us. Click here to sign up for future updates and partnership inquires!

It is our hope that in being the most aggressive and innovative firm in the space, we are able to use our unique experiences and backgrounds to tell challenging stories. At the core of Equity Animal is our strength in storytelling - through innovative methods and mediums we will continue to help companies tell their true story to all.

Finally, a special thank you Misyrlena Egkolfopoulou and Bloomberg for covering our launch, which you can read here!

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