Bullish Studio 2022 Wrapped

Bullish Studio 2022 Wrapped

As 2022 rapidly comes to a close, we wanted to take a look at the most noteworthy content from Bullish Studio and our network from this year.  Throughout this past year, we've made some exciting announcements, talked to some cool people and delivered you a fresh batch of new content. It’s time to rewind back and see all the top content we pumped out in 2022!

Top Bullish Content

Trade Secrets

Bullish Studio launched the Trade Secrets newsletter: A guide for creators and brands looking to get an edge in what they do best. We interviewed the coolest content creators, from Corporate Quitter, @WOLF_Financial, Dr.Parik Patel and more! We also spilled all the best tips and tricks on how to better your own content. And after a few short months, Trade Secrets hit 1K subscribers! (Not subscribed? Don’t miss out 👀)

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Cash Only

Cash Only, led by Zach Sokol, continued to grow this year, with more videos, articles, interviews and events. As the end of 2022 rolls up, take a look back at all the incredible work that Cash Only has done. And this is just the beginning!

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Equity Animal

This year, Equity Animal also launched! Incubated by Bullish Studio and Litquidity, while being led by CEO Mark Moran, Equity Animal serves to offer clients a modern and innovative approach to corporate storytelling. The goal is to help public and private companies reach both institutional and retail investors using the next generation of tools and communications. Equity Animal is revamping how the financial industry views IR.

Learn more about Equity Animal

Ticker History

Ticker History had an insane level of growth this year! With over 110.2K Twitter followers, Ticker History is pumping out daily archival posts that give the full story behind each stock.

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Bullish Rippers

@StockMktNewz spends 70 hours every week deep in the trenches of market news so you don't have to. He then pulls everything major from the week all into the Bullish Rippers newsletter, so you’ll get a top-notch recap in under five minutes. Of course, he cranked out the usual stories and updates, but Rippers also introduced additional content with breaking news stories. And this year, Bullish Rippers newsletter hit a major milestone: 10K subscribers 🎉

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This Week In Money

Our new show, “This Week In Money” dropped in the later half of the year, and we couldn’t be more excited to crank episodes out. Co-hosted by Bullish CEO Brian Hanly and TikTok icon Serena Shahidi, “This Week in Money” combines money, biz, culture and edge into bit-size segments. It’s a rapid-fire, weekly recap of popular finance news so you never miss out!

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Top Creator Content


SCAMDALOUS expanded from TikTok to Snapchat Discover’s 10 million monthly viewers. In this series, anyone is fair game to host and TikTok icon, Serena Shahidi (famously @glamdemon2004) — from fraudsters, swindlers, scammers, girlbosses, and everyone in between. Serena dishes on every fabulous scam of the most scintillating hucksters and their not so fabulous consequences, including big names like Anna Delvey, Todd Chrisley and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.


And we even launched a SCAMDALOUS newsletter to deliver all the juicy scandals right to your inbox ✉

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History In Memes (@historyinmemes)

Bullish Studio started working with History In Memes this year to help them with their monstrous growth. History In Memes has been educating Twitter and Instagram with daily lessons, memes and archived footage. Collabing with Bullish Studio, he expanded his content into his own website. This new foray went beyond the quick-hit images and videos of his social media accounts and offers full, in-depth history lessons daily.

Visit the History In Memes Site

WOLF Financial (@WOLF_Financial)

You know him as the Twitter Spaces host for FinTwit. But, @WOLF_Financial took his market knowledge beyond Spaces and Twitter threads this year. Yep, WOLF launched his own podcast on YouTube! The WOLF Podcast is taking viewers inside the world of learning finance with in-depth convos, featuring the best FinTwit guests.

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