20 Best FinTwit Accounts to Follow

20 Best FinTwit Accounts to Follow

Bullish Studio rounded up our top 20 favorite and most engaging Financial Twitter (FinTwit) accounts. If you're looking for the best finance memes, news updates, educational insights and more - these are your go-to accounts to follow!

And remember, these accounts are NOT providing financial advice; they’re for updates and entertainment only so you stay in-the-know and have a laugh. 

Alright, let's dive in!

1. Dr. Parik Patel, BA, CFA, ACCA Esq. (@ParikPatelCFA) 

FinTwit's favorite meme doctor!

2. Ramp Capital (@RampCapitalLLC)

One of the most infamous voices in the FinTwit universe

3. WOLF Financial (@WOLF_Financial)

Combining social media and investment research to help followers build wealth through 40+ hours a week of Twitter Spaces

4. Stock Market News (@StockMKTNewz)

Reporting on stock news, earnings, and more

5. Bullish Rippers (@BullishRippers)

The number one best free weekly recap in the world as rated by StockMKTNewz

6. Inverse Cramer ETF (@CramerTracker

Tracking Jim Cramer's stock recommendations so followers can do the opposite

7. VC Brags (@VCBrags)

The industry source for vc bragging, memes, news and more

8. TikTok Investors (@TikTokInvestors)

Bringing you the best of FinTok — all in one place. From the cringiest of stock predictions, to the worst portfolio losses recorded on the internet, TTI covers it all.

9. Howard Lindzon (@howardlindzon)

Howard is the founder and a general partner of venture capital firm Social Leverage, creator of Wallstrip and co-founder and chairman of StockTwits

10. Kyla Scanlon (@kylascan)

Human-centric economic analysis to help all of us understand the world better

11. Litquidity (@litcapital) 

Memes and opinion tweets about the finance industry

12. John W. Rich (@Cokedupoptions)

Fake Tech Exec

13. Doug Boneparth (@dougboneparth) 

President of Bone Fined Wealth, a member of the CNBC Advisor Council, author of “The Millenial Money Fix" and founder of the Crypto Drip offering financial advise and memes on Twitter

14. Not Jerome Powell (@alifarhat79)

Financial parody account with sarcastic memes and gifs

15. Stock Talk Weekly (@stocktalkweekly) 

Professional trader and investor who tracks catalysts, special situations & news and focuses on growth & tech

18. Walter Bloomberg (@Deltaone

Stocks and market updates and its global economic impact

19. Brian Feroldi (@BrianFeroldi) 

Tweets discussing money, investing, and self-improvement

20. Manz (@notmrmanziel) 

Options trader who talks all things buying and selling options, stocks, and Bitcoin

That’s our list of the most engaging FinTwit accounts! Now we want to know who are some of your favorites?

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