Did you know the “bitch” in Rihanna’s song, “Bitch Better Have My Money” is about her accountant? Or what about who was the first celebrity victim of the “Bling Ring” robberies? (It was Paris Hilton, by the way). Not a lot of people know since school failed to give us pop culture history 101 that we ACTUALLY want.  

But luckily, SCAMDALOUS — a new series by @BullishStudio — has all the answers. SCAMDALOUS is a Bullish original TikTok series breaking down high-profile stories of fraudsters, swindlers, and every scandalous scam in between. See what we did there? 

Our iconic and brutally honest host, Serena Shahidi (famously @glamdemon2004), puts these stories center stage and doesn’t let anyone walk away scot-free (even if the courts did). Serena gives viewers the background to set the scene, walks through the crime, and brings you up until present time. She covers all the gritty and glamorous parts of these public figures’ falls from grace. You can’t help but laugh along and roll your eyes with Serena as she picks at the absurdity of these cases.

With over 25 episodes and counting, Serena has covered all the biggest names — from Martha Stewart, to Bernie Madoff, to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. We even covered Anna Delvey before Netflix did. You can dive deeper into cases you have heard before or learn about a new one that peaks your interest.

Racking up over 400K+ channel likes on TikTok, it’s clear there’s a hunger for more fraud history, more Serena, and more SCAMDALOUS. Now you can subscribe to the SCAMDALOUS newsletter and get even more Serena content.