Rhone x Ramp Capital LLC



Custom Content Creation


January 24, 2022

We partnered athletic apparel brand Rhone with Ramp Capital LLC to produce an epic clothing line and memorable editorial series to Ramp's audience, adding a nuanced component to the Ramp Capital brand.

Partnership Highlights

Twitter Impressions
Articles Published on Rhone's Blog
Views Across All Fan-Made Videos
Dollars of Ramp Apparel Sold via Bullish Studio Store

In a match made in heaven, we teamed up Rhone and Ramp Capital LLC. Rhone is a premium apparel brand looking to reach audiences interested in wellness, sports, finance, and elsewhere. Ramp has Rhone’s audience deeply engaged: people who are interested in health, golf, and investing, as well as those who actively spend money on fitness and golf apparel.

For Rhone, we facilitated social media hype around their brand and products through a voice and personality that people love to interact with. This was accompanied by an editorial package featuring 12 articles written by Ramp that resonated with both brands’ core missions, and drove audiences from Ramp’s newsletter + Twitter to Rhone’s website.

The project also received tons of social media chatter, and led to multiple fan-made videos that went viral.