25 Months


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Development and Production


January 25, 2022

Bullish Studio developed and produced the video podcast 25 Months, hosted by Tejas Hullur (@tejas) and Jack Neel (@fyp). 

25 Months is a podcast for content creators, by content creators, as well as a platform to connect their visions with the people who can make them a reality. With 25 Months, Bullish utilized content creation to increase deal flow for investors, as well as partner creators with folks who will bring their ideas to life.

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Show Summary

25 Months strives to unpack the creator economy, and the show was inspired by a troubling statistic: The average career span of a creator is just 25 months.

As young creators who haven’t hit the 25-month mark yet, Jack and Tejas want to explore what goes wrong and what goes right with creators' careers. With weekly guests, the hosts dig into their histories, tactics, and hopes for the creator economy.

The podcast’s goal is to provide creators new ways to stay fresh and engaging while navigating the complex maze of endorsements, branding, outreach, growth, and more.

The show functions as a platform to connect creators’ visions with the people who can make them a reality. To that point, show guests have gone on to have their start-ups funded, while investors have found viable projects to back. Some notable guests include Serena Shahidi (@glamdemon2004), Bella Avila (@onlyjayus), Dylan Lemay, Dominic Andre, John Casterline (@h1t1), American Baron, Joanne Lee Molinaro (@thekoreanvegan), Austin Hankwitz, Karan Rajan (@dr.karan), and Annie Rauwerda (@depthsofwikipedia).

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